How to have a productive summer

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There’s always about a 100 pound weight that lifts off my shoulders when I finish my last final of the school year. Once I actually get home I realize that within a few days I’m actually pretty bored and sometimes I wish I could be back at school for some kind of structure to my life. Summer is definitely the time to unwind a little bit, but as I and many others creep up on our adult lives, pretty soon I’ll have a real job that does not just stop in the summertime lol.

The picture above is one of my favorites from last summer. My best friend Ellie and I were on the most dedicated health and fitness routine we had ever been on, and our habits carried on well into our school year. I wanted to share some tips and inspiration to having a productive summer as well!


Summer is the best opportunity to get a job, since we usually have less obligations while school is out. I personally love to babysit! It’s a relaxed job with great pay! Try volunteering, working in a resataurant, or at a clothing store to put some work experience on your resume. Maybe even dog walking?!



It is never too late to work towards your goal bikini body, or just work on your overall health in general. Finding a workout routine to dedicate yourself to daily, every other day, or weekends can be a helpful way to train your body into a consistent workout routine. I love going to various workout classes throughout a week consisting of barre, hot yoga, and hot pilates!



I don’t mean diets as in “Lose 30 pounds in a month diet!” I’m talking about plant based, Keto, Whole 30, and more! Finding a diet that works the best for you while you have time to experiment with cooking and grocery shopping can help you carry your healthy eating habits into the school year.



My life feels the most put together after I clean out my drawers and closet. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need to take some cluttered stress off your shoulders. I recommend trying to sell your gently used clothes to local consignment stores to make some cash, and then taking everything else to a donation center.



Finding an activity that you love is a great way to keep you creative and inspired throughout the summer! Last summer I started blogging, which eventually led to vlogging. Both hobbies have kept me busy during my downtime, and have been a creative outlet for me when I feel overwhelmed with schoolwork. Try cooking, reading, writing, painting, dancing, or pretty much anything! Hobbies becomes more important as we get older to keep our minds sharp and creative.


Dedicate this summer to you! Learn things about yourself, work on being your best self, and make time for yourself. Hope you’re inspired now!



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DIY minimal wall art

Hey everyone! Long time no talk!!!

I’ve been brainstorming blog post ideas for a while now and everything I thought of just wasn’t really speaking to me, so I stopped thinking for a little bit. As soon as I stopped thinking about blogging, I got the urge to make something to put on my wall in my room. BAM!!! A perfect blog idea.

Here’s how I painted a new art piece for my wall…

Find something to paint.

I’m not the most artistic person in the world, but with just a few minutes on Pinterest you can convince yourself your a chef at a 5-Star restaurant, so I convinced myself I was an artist. Here’s a link to the picture I recreated. Etsy Wall Art

Here is a link to my minimal art Pinterest board for some inspo on what to paint if you decide to try this out! Pinterest Board

Create a vibey setup.

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I put on some music, lit a candle, made some coffee to create the perfect setup. I also made sure to have all my materials at hand so I wouldn’t have to keep getting up to get something.

What you’ll need:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint (I used acrylic paint w/ glossy finish)
  • Paper for sketching
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Frame (mine is 16×20)
  • Cardstock paper for for final draft (16×20)

I purchased all my supplies at Michael’s for $21.00!

Practice with pencil first.

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I brought out a sketch pad to make sure I would be happy with how my drawing would turn out. I practiced twice on the sketchpad, and then drew a bigger version on the cardstock paper before going in with the paint.


Restart until it’s perfect.

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As long as you have a good eraser, keep restarting your drawing until it’s perfectly ready for paint. I drew and erased probably five times, and even had my boyfriend help me because I couldn’t seem to get the shoulder angle right!!!


Don’t paint too carefully.

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The painting is meant to look simple and effortless, but I realized I still wanted it to be clean. The difference in the brush strokes actually added a clean, messiness…if that makes sense? I recommend starting off with a thin paint brush and adding more layers of paint, rather than starting off with a thicker brush. The imperfectness of the lines make it look more handmade in my opinion.


The final product!

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I usually stray away from black decor, but I felt the black frame really tied the whole painting together. I named the girl in this painting Polly, and hung her up right over my bed for everyone to see! I’m very proud of this paining mostly because I only paid twenty dollars for it, and because when people ask me where I got it I can say I painted it!





You guys have to have known this was coming lol… I love being inspired, inspirational, motivated, and I especially love change, so naturally I jump at the overwhelming pressure to be better at the beginning of each year. Here is what I’m working on in 2018…


  • Commit to drinking enough water a day.
  • Reduce my trash/waste production.
  • Spend less, save more.
  • Worry less about events/people/issues I cannot control.
  • Handle my stress better and easier.
  • Let life not go as planned.
  • Stop planning my life so much.
  • Meet new people.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Become as minimalist as possible.
  • Live in the moment.


  • Travel more.
  • Make hot yoga a main workout activity.
  • Keep posting blogs 1-2 times monthly.
  • Continue to work on my YouTube channel.
  • Get a summer internship.
  • Complain less, appreciate more.
  • Take more pictures.

I know this is a lot to work on, but in 2017 I learned A LOT about myself, and now know areas that I need fix in my life. I hope these resolutions and goals inspire you to create your own list, or take some things from mine! Now let’s kill it in 2018!!!







Hey friends!!!

Don’t think I forgot about blogging! If some of you are unaware, I started a YouTube channel!!! (Link is down below!) On my channel I have been posting videos containing various aspects of my life as a college student! I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue blogging while juggling YouTube as well, but then I realized HECK YEAH I AM. This blog allowed me to realize how interested I am in social media, content creation, and helps me to work on my writing skills, so how in the world could I just throw it out the window??

I have decided to aim for monthly blog posts containing life updates, monthly favorites, or whatever has been on my mind the past month!

So let’s start with an October recap:

  • Started Lifestyle Youtube channel.
  • My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of dating! Woohoo!!
  • I am becoming more interested in photography.
  • I have officially changed my major to Communications.
  • I’ve changed my career path as well.
  • I’m also considering minoring in Arts and Technology!?
  • I can’t seem to get New York City off my mind :/
  • I have limited my meat intake to about once a week!
  • I am working on lowering my production of trash a day.
  • I haven’t been practicing yoga as much as I’d like to. :/
  • I have become DEPENDENT on essential oils.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of this blog AND now my YouTube channel! I do all of this because it is what I genuinely love to do, to the point where I have changed my career path to hopefully involve something related to social media. Having people cheer me on while I do all of this brings a smile to my face and I am grateful for every single one of you (even the haters lol 😉 )!

Just know I will continue doing this even if I’m the only one reading or watching lol!

With love,

Sammy G.

My YouTube Channel!!

10 Facts About Me


Now that I’ve been around for a little while, I guess you dedicated readers deserve some fun facts about me! 🙂

1. I want to move to the East Coast sometime in my life.

2. I chipped my front tooth in 8th grade riding a scooter.

3. I crave donuts at all times of the day.

4. I can’t do a pull up.

5. I’m horrible at math.

6. I’m a morning person.

7. I want to open a trendy coffee shop.

8. I’m a dog person.

9. My favorite place to be is in a coffee shop.

10. I may or may not be starting a Youtube channel……… 😉


Thank you to Jack Antal for the awesome pics! Follow him on Instagram: _captainjackk!!!



Hot Yoga…Hot or Not?



Hey friends!

So you all probably know by now that I love yoga. I have been doing yoga since I was 9 years old, and I would go with my mom to her yoga classes! I find it very relaxing, while also challenging. Not only does it challenge your strength, but your mind as well. Yoga focuses on being present in the moment, so naturally you find your mind wandering and have to bring back the focus to your mat. Some would think trying to focus on the here and now is challenging enough, now try adding 15 degrees to the room!!

The past week I have been going to hot yoga classes at a yoga studio called Corepower Yoga. Not only do they crank up the temp to 92 degrees and up, they add more strength exercises to their practice as well! So they questions is…do I like it or hate it? Well, I LOVE IT. Theres something so clarifying about sweating so much that I have to close my eyes and mouth or else the sweat will drip into them. The class is amazing, but what’s better is the feeling after the class. I seriously felt so cleansed, and proud of myself for being able to be that uncomfortable, but also relaxed at the same time. Hot yoga is a great way for me to tackle my anxiety.

A few recommendations…

  • Steady breathing will get you through the uncomfortableness.
  • Go into the studio a few minutes early and just lay on your mat to get used to the temperature.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out if you need.
  • Hydrate before.


I cannot stress the last bullet enough! I chose to wear just some yoga pants and a sports bra each day, and made sure they didn’t make me chafe or smelly lol.

LUCKY FOR ME… 90 Degrees by Reflex sent me the cutest outfit duos!! I wore these combos of outfits pictured to most of my classes this week, and they were amazing! I’ve purchased their clothes from T.J. Maxx before, and I’m so happy my collection is growing. The clothes are super affordable and great quality! Thank you 90 Degrees for sending me these beauties!!! 🙂


I hope I inspired some of you to try hot yoga or just a regular yoga class!





10 Things I do To Keep Myself Happy+Healthy



This summer I have been dedicated to handling my stress and anxiety in ways that benefit my mind and body! I felt like I should share the things I have been doing to keep myself happy with my life as well as keeping myself healthy! In honor of this being my 10th blog post, here is a list of 10 healthy habits! 🙂


1. Exercise regularly. 

Exercising is such an easy way to lift my mood. I prefer to exercise in the morning so I can release endorphins in my body, and start my day with natural positive energy…..and coffee. When starting your fitness journey, working out with friends is a great way to build a routine and stay motivated.

2. Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy and exercising literally THRIVE off each other. There’s nothing better than finding the food you connect with that also makes your body feel the best it can. Treating my body with good food helps me see fast differences in my energy levels and physical appearance.

3. Drink water.

Why is it that this is such a simple task but has literally changed my life so much?? Have a pimple? Drink water. Feel bloated? Drink water. Can’t stop snacking? Drink water. I have a set goal of how much I need to drink everyday and try very hard to stick to it!


4. Do yoga.

I LOVE YOGA. I’m not as good at it as I think I am, but I don’t even care because the more I practice, the better I’ll get. I mainly take yoga classes for the clarity I feel after each class. Yoga helps to calm my stress, and make me just breathe, because in some of the poses you just have no other choice haha. I like to take evening classes so I can go to bed refreshed and relaxed.

5. Get really sweaty!!!

When I workout I like to run to the point where I almost fall off the treadmill because of sweat dripping into my eyes. Getting super sweaty and out of breath gets me to a different kind of relaxed than yoga does. This kind of relaxed makes me feel like I just let out a huge scream and now I can conquer the world. It also makes me feel like I’m ridding of all the toxins in my body.


6. Surround myself with positivity.

Speaking of toxins… I like to be surrounded with positive attitudes just because negativity is so contagious and easy to become wrapped up in. I love having motivating and encouraging friends to keep me balanced. When it comes to working out and staying healthy, having encouraging friends to go through the journey makes staying motivated so much easier.


7. Let myself be lazy.

I’ll be 100% honest that I don’t stick to my advice everyday. I sometimes don’t workout everyday, I sometimes will slip and eat something unhealthy, and sometimes I skip yoga because I have dinner plans! Some of my favorite days are the ones where I stay in bed all day to watch movies. Breaks help me appreciate these tips and get me excited to return to my routines.

8. Stop comparing yourself.

The best advice I have ever heard is to live your best life. It takes time to learn to not compare yourself to others, especially people you don’t even know. Just be aware and invested in your own life and learn to love it. Even the most “perfect” people have their struggles. My outlook on life has changed so much since focusing on my own life, and I have truly become an overall happier person because of it.

9. Always look to learn things.

Learning new things helps me to become more understanding of people and ideas. I like to start my mornings by reading articles and blogs on topics I find interesting. Facebook is a great tool for finding random interesting articles, they always seem to just pop up. When having conversations with people, really listen to what they are choosing to share with you. This will help you learn more about the people you meet, and the person you are by noticing the differences and similarities you find.


10. Be appreciative of important things.

I like to really appreciate the things I have the ability to do. I am appreciative of the things I have, but they don’t matter, and they won’t be remembered when I die. I appreciate the ability I have to be active, the ability I have to eat good food, the ability to drink clean water, and even the ability to wake up healthy everyday.

I encourage everyone to start practicing the habits they know they should be doing, but have never kept up with! No one is perfect by any means, so push yourself to work on the things you know you should!

Just some soup for the soul and amazing pictures taken by Ari Mitsos (@amitsosphotography) 🙂