Time Is Of The Essence!


I’ll admit it, I sometimes forget about this blog. I love it, and I always think about possible blog posts to write for those of you who still read this (hi), but I just can’t find the time. Junior year of college has been tough! I feel that I’m in a constant rotation of driving to work, squeezing in a nap, reading, writing papers, and submitting assignments minutes before the due date. There it is again, time. I’m transitioning into the adult world and it’s tough let me tell you! No matter how many 15 page papers I write or bills I have to remember to pay, the TOUGHEST aspect of adulting is time management.

This semester I’m balancing six classes, an internship, and a part-time job! I asked my Instagram followers to send me all of their time management tips to help a girl out, and wanted to share them with all of you looking for some organizational tips as well! Here are some of the most helpful tips!

Regarding school:

“Planner planner planner!! Take 10 minutes each evening planning” – @christineabreo

“Use Onenote for school notes, helps a lot with revision and collating notes” – @demymizchelle

“As soon as you learn a lesson in class, study it the same day. Not as overwhelming for test!” – @camikekelik

“Study in the library, you won’t get as distracted as at your house” – @mariaandreaz97

“I use this app called Forest! It helps you stay off your phone when you study!” – @brittany.jen

Regarding life:

“Make a schedule at the beginning of the week and write down exactly what you want to get accomplished.” – @_shruti11

“Have a brain dump every night. This helps visualize every thought/idea.” – @demymizchelle

“Write out a to do list!!! Break it down into categories like different classes, personal. etc.” – @lohdie


I think we should always make time for things we love and that is why I am writing this blog instead of a paper due this week lol! We should all prioritize our mental health, physical health, and happiness above all of the daily tasks that are required of us. Give yourself some time to relax and decompress everyday to avoid burnout, and try to live in the moment of each day as much as possible (don’t worry I’m trying too). Remember, there’s no time like the present!






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