How To Get A College Internship


Hi people!!

I have been on a very unexpected break, and honestly it’s simply because I’ve been BUSY! A brief recap of my life recently is basically, my summer was great, school is intense, and I have been working as an intern.

Any professional I’ve talked to , articles I’ve read, and successful people I know all say the same thing, EXPERIENCE AND NETWORKING IS EVERYTHING IN COLLEGE. Getting a job you really like is hard work…surprise! Majority of the time getting your degree and applying just isn’t enough to set you apart from other applicants. Internships are a major factor in helping you stand out, so while you’re in school I strongly advise you to get at least one.

I wanted to offer some tips on how I got my first internship to give you some inspo on where to look and what to do!

1. Stalk job websites.

Monthly, and eventually weekly I started looking at job advertising websites such as,, and If not many options come up in your immediate area, set a further location that would still be a reasonable commute!

2. Apply to as many as you can.

Applying to as many positions at as many different companies you can does nothing but increase your chances of getting at least one. Make sure what you’re applying for is something you’re interested in doing, and most importantly something you’re qualified to do.

3. Look up local companies you like.

Companies don’t always advertise that they’re hiring interns on job websites. Email addresses are listed on company “contact” pages in which you can send your resume if they’re hiring or not. You could be hired for showing initiative, or saved for a time that they are hiring!

4. Ask your school. 

Visit your campus’s career center to find out any information they have on internships. Many companies work directly with college campuses to set up internships for students who attend nearby universities. Many schools also have an internship database where you can find these companies who offer internships through your school.

5. Create or update your resume.

College is the best time to work on your resume both literally and physically! You should definitely work on experiences to put on it, as well as working on the actual format of it. This is another great opportunity to visit your school’s career center to have a professional look it over and give you critiques.

6. Aim your experience towards your job field.

Having experience in what a specific internship is looking for can help you be more prepared than other applicants. Depending on what job field you are wanting to go into, teach yourself how to use Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, or Photoshop to be able to say you know how to use those programs. If you are wanting more of a creative internship, make an online portfolio, blog, enhance your social media presence, or anything else that can show your skills. Creating your own experience that actually teaches you something is impressive and also gives you great self-managing skills!

7. Prepare for rejection.

Sometimes, and often most of the time you won’t hear back from a company. This should not keep you from not trying though! Continuing to put yourself out there does nothing but help you. You will eventually end up where you’re supposed to be even if it’s after you’ve applied to the same company multiple times. Timing is everything, and sometimes it’s just not the right time for you to have a position. Take rejection as a way to learn and improve!

8. Don’t compare yourself to others.

People are all moving at a different pace, especially in college. It’s really stressful to watch other people get great jobs and internships while you feel 5 steps behind. Your college experience is about you and what you can handle. If you force something too much, it’s likely that it won’t work out anyways. Focus on you, try your best, and you never know when an opportunity might just come to you!

I hope I helped some of you with your internship search! Whatever you do, try your best at it and you’ll do great! Good luck!


Check out where I’m interning!

Also check out their blogs that I write once a week along with the other interns! 🙂


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