A Gift For Thrift


Hi people!!

Welcome to a new episode of Sam’s Thrifty Finds. No really, I feel like I’m always bargaining, and I actually hate paying full price for things. Because of my hatred for overly priced goods, I tend to love thrift stores!

When I first started thrifting I would always buy useless things that I felt would eventually serve a purpose, and I’m here to show all of you how to go thrifting with a plan and leave completely satisfied! Let’s begin.

I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas to decorate my room for the new school year. The vibe I’m going for is very minimal, antique, modern, and Anthropologie-ish. Got it? I knew I wanted to include some wicker baskets, whites, plants, and maybe some antique looking pieces. I also always venture off into the denim section just because I love clothes.

Find an alternative purpose for items.


For some reason thrift stores are filled with wicker items, so I was in luck! I found a picture of a wicker basket arrangement as wall decor and immediately started trying to find pieces that I could recreate this with. The item on the bottom is originally used for holding paper plates, the middle is an actual basket, and the top item is, well I’m not sure but it fit the part perfectly! I stumbled upon these three treasures and spent a total of seven dollars and moved onto my next assignment.

Know your aesthetic.


I found the wicker cup on the left and white cup on the right sitting next to each other. I grabbed both items simply because they go exactly with the theme I want throughout my room. Wicker…check, white…check, modern…check, antique…check!! These items compliment each other and tie in a theme so easily. I then found the glass bottle at T.J. Maxx to compliment the other two items. Once you have a theme to go off of, your aesthetic will form naturally.

Change things!


If you look back at the first picture included in this post you will notice it contains a pair of jeans, and not denim shorts. You guessed it! I cut them! I paid three dollars for these and chopped the legs right off. I’ve done this with many other pants, shirts, and decor pieces I own. I change them until I like them, because I like doing things like that, and it only costs me a few bucks if I mess anything up. I will most like wear these thrifted, little boy, Target jeans more than I wear my Levi’s from Nordstrom!

Hope I inspired you to check out your local thrift stores to turn someone else’s trash into your new treasure!

Make sure to check out my Thrift With Me Vlog!!

Happy thrifting!



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