How to have a productive summer

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There’s always about a 100 pound weight that lifts off my shoulders when I finish my last final of the school year. Once I actually get home I realize that within a few days I’m actually pretty bored and sometimes I wish I could be back at school for some kind of structure to my life. Summer is definitely the time to unwind a little bit, but as I and many others creep up on our adult lives, pretty soon I’ll have a real job that does not just stop in the summertime lol.

The picture above is one of my favorites from last summer. My best friend Ellie and I were on the most dedicated health and fitness routine we had ever been on, and our habits carried on well into our school year. I wanted to share some tips and inspiration to having a productive summer as well!


Summer is the best opportunity to get a job, since we usually have less obligations while school is out. I personally love to babysit! It’s a relaxed job with great pay! Try volunteering, working in a resataurant, or at a clothing store to put some work experience on your resume. Maybe even dog walking?!



It is never too late to work towards your goal bikini body, or just work on your overall health in general. Finding a workout routine to dedicate yourself to daily, every other day, or weekends can be a helpful way to train your body into a consistent workout routine. I love going to various workout classes throughout a week consisting of barre, hot yoga, and hot pilates!



I don’t mean diets as in “Lose 30 pounds in a month diet!” I’m talking about plant based, Keto, Whole 30, and more! Finding a diet that works the best for you while you have time to experiment with cooking and grocery shopping can help you carry your healthy eating habits into the school year.



My life feels the most put together after I clean out my drawers and closet. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need to take some cluttered stress off your shoulders. I recommend trying to sell your gently used clothes to local consignment stores to make some cash, and then taking everything else to a donation center.



Finding an activity that you love is a great way to keep you creative and inspired throughout the summer! Last summer I started blogging, which eventually led to vlogging. Both hobbies have kept me busy during my downtime, and have been a creative outlet for me when I feel overwhelmed with schoolwork. Try cooking, reading, writing, painting, dancing, or pretty much anything! Hobbies becomes more important as we get older to keep our minds sharp and creative.


Dedicate this summer to you! Learn things about yourself, work on being your best self, and make time for yourself. Hope you’re inspired now!



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