November Favorites


Hey friends!

Another month has left us, and as seasons change, so do my preferences! For this month’s recap/post I put together a little November favorites list! Enjoy! 🙂


  • Rosehip Oil: Great for hydrating and the reduction of dark spots or scars.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Good for an acne spot treatment!
  • Murad Essential-C Moisture: This moisturizer helps to lock in moisture on my face so I don’t get dry skin in the colder months. (Even though it was just 90 degrees in California)
  • Murad Essential-C Night Moisture: I recently discovered that putting moisturizers with sunscreen on at night isn’t good for your skin, because you’re adding extra chemicals that aren’t necessary. I found that this night moisturizer without SPF is so hydrating and leaves my skin silky smooth from when I apply it until I wake up.


  • Neck Scarves: Easy way to jazz up a plain outfit, make a casual outfit look more dressy, tie around your ponytail, or on your purse!
  • Loud Print Shoes: What can I say, I’m just a loud girl who likes loud shoes. These are not for everyone, but they sure are fun to take your outfit up a notch!
  • Layering: I’ve been obsessed with throwing a cute dainty tank top over a plain t-shirt, or patterned long sleeve. This is a great outfit for days that are to cold without a jacket, but too hot with one.
  • Loafers: I ADORE the loafer trend. I recently snatched myself a tan pair, (my collection of black shoes was getting ridiculous) and love how easily they amp up my outfits to make me look very put together, while also being comfortable.


  • Gal Meets Glam: I’ve followed Julia Engel on Instagram for years, and have just rekindled with her blog. Both her blog and Instagram are AMAZING. LINK
  • The Everygirl: Chicago based blog that has a killer Instagram. Seriously has me planning a trip to Chicago. LINK
  • College Fashionista: Awesome blog written by college students including lifestyle, fashion, career advice, and more! DID I MENTION NEXT SEMESTER I WILL BE A COLLEGE FASHIONISTA STYLE GURU??? I have little information on what exactly I’ll be doing, but don’t worry I’m sure I’ll be posting everything, everywhere when the time comes… LINK


  • Prada Candy: If you know me well you know this perfume has been my signature scent for YEARS. I find myself not even considering another spray during the colder months just because this one is so warm and inviting.
  • Bath and Body Works Almond 3-Wick Candle: Of course I love this candle because it’s made with essential oils! The almond scent is sweet, warm, and perfect for cold weather!



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