Hey friends!!!

Don’t think I forgot about blogging! If some of you are unaware, I started a YouTube channel!!! (Link is down below!) On my channel I have been posting videos containing various aspects of my life as a college student! I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue blogging while juggling YouTube as well, but then I realized HECK YEAH I AM. This blog allowed me to realize how interested I am in social media, content creation, and helps me to work on my writing skills, so how in the world could I just throw it out the window??

I have decided to aim for monthly blog posts containing life updates, monthly favorites, or whatever has been on my mind the past month!

So let’s start with an October recap:

  • Started Lifestyle Youtube channel.
  • My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of dating! Woohoo!!
  • I am becoming more interested in photography.
  • I have officially changed my major to Communications.
  • I’ve changed my career path as well.
  • I’m also considering minoring in Arts and Technology!?
  • I can’t seem to get New York City off my mind :/
  • I have limited my meat intake to about once a week!
  • I am working on lowering my production of trash a day.
  • I haven’t been practicing yoga as much as I’d like to. :/
  • I have become DEPENDENT on essential oils.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of this blog AND now my YouTube channel! I do all of this because it is what I genuinely love to do, to the point where I have changed my career path to hopefully involve something related to social media. Having people cheer me on while I do all of this brings a smile to my face and I am grateful for every single one of you (even the haters lol 😉 )!

Just know I will continue doing this even if I’m the only one reading or watching lol!

With love,

Sammy G.

My YouTube Channel!!


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