Hot Yoga…Hot or Not?



Hey friends!

So you all probably know by now that I love yoga. I have been doing yoga since I was 9 years old, and I would go with my mom to her yoga classes! I find it very relaxing, while also challenging. Not only does it challenge your strength, but your mind as well. Yoga focuses on being present in the moment, so naturally you find your mind wandering and have to bring back the focus to your mat. Some would think trying to focus on the here and now is challenging enough, now try adding 15 degrees to the room!!

The past week I have been going to hot yoga classes at a yoga studio called Corepower Yoga. Not only do they crank up the temp to 92 degrees and up, they add more strength exercises to their practice as well! So they questions is…do I like it or hate it? Well, I LOVE IT. Theres something so clarifying about sweating so much that I have to close my eyes and mouth or else the sweat will drip into them. The class is amazing, but what’s better is the feeling after the class. I seriously felt so cleansed, and proud of myself for being able to be that uncomfortable, but also relaxed at the same time. Hot yoga is a great way for me to tackle my anxiety.

A few recommendations…

  • Steady breathing will get you through the uncomfortableness.
  • Go into the studio a few minutes early and just lay on your mat to get used to the temperature.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out if you need.
  • Hydrate before.


I cannot stress the last bullet enough! I chose to wear just some yoga pants and a sports bra each day, and made sure they didn’t make me chafe or smelly lol.

LUCKY FOR ME… 90 Degrees by Reflex sent me the cutest outfit duos!! I wore these combos of outfits pictured to most of my classes this week, and they were amazing! I’ve purchased their clothes from T.J. Maxx before, and I’m so happy my collection is growing. The clothes are super affordable and great quality! Thank you 90 Degrees for sending me these beauties!!! 🙂


I hope I inspired some of you to try hot yoga or just a regular yoga class!






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