10 Things I do To Keep Myself Happy+Healthy



This summer I have been dedicated to handling my stress and anxiety in ways that benefit my mind and body! I felt like I should share the things I have been doing to keep myself happy with my life as well as keeping myself healthy! In honor of this being my 10th blog post, here is a list of 10 healthy habits! 🙂


1. Exercise regularly. 

Exercising is such an easy way to lift my mood. I prefer to exercise in the morning so I can release endorphins in my body, and start my day with natural positive energy…..and coffee. When starting your fitness journey, working out with friends is a great way to build a routine and stay motivated.

2. Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy and exercising literally THRIVE off each other. There’s nothing better than finding the food you connect with that also makes your body feel the best it can. Treating my body with good food helps me see fast differences in my energy levels and physical appearance.

3. Drink water.

Why is it that this is such a simple task but has literally changed my life so much?? Have a pimple? Drink water. Feel bloated? Drink water. Can’t stop snacking? Drink water. I have a set goal of how much I need to drink everyday and try very hard to stick to it!


4. Do yoga.

I LOVE YOGA. I’m not as good at it as I think I am, but I don’t even care because the more I practice, the better I’ll get. I mainly take yoga classes for the clarity I feel after each class. Yoga helps to calm my stress, and make me just breathe, because in some of the poses you just have no other choice haha. I like to take evening classes so I can go to bed refreshed and relaxed.

5. Get really sweaty!!!

When I workout I like to run to the point where I almost fall off the treadmill because of sweat dripping into my eyes. Getting super sweaty and out of breath gets me to a different kind of relaxed than yoga does. This kind of relaxed makes me feel like I just let out a huge scream and now I can conquer the world. It also makes me feel like I’m ridding of all the toxins in my body.


6. Surround myself with positivity.

Speaking of toxins… I like to be surrounded with positive attitudes just because negativity is so contagious and easy to become wrapped up in. I love having motivating and encouraging friends to keep me balanced. When it comes to working out and staying healthy, having encouraging friends to go through the journey makes staying motivated so much easier.


7. Let myself be lazy.

I’ll be 100% honest that I don’t stick to my advice everyday. I sometimes don’t workout everyday, I sometimes will slip and eat something unhealthy, and sometimes I skip yoga because I have dinner plans! Some of my favorite days are the ones where I stay in bed all day to watch movies. Breaks help me appreciate these tips and get me excited to return to my routines.

8. Stop comparing yourself.

The best advice I have ever heard is to live your best life. It takes time to learn to not compare yourself to others, especially people you don’t even know. Just be aware and invested in your own life and learn to love it. Even the most “perfect” people have their struggles. My outlook on life has changed so much since focusing on my own life, and I have truly become an overall happier person because of it.

9. Always look to learn things.

Learning new things helps me to become more understanding of people and ideas. I like to start my mornings by reading articles and blogs on topics I find interesting. Facebook is a great tool for finding random interesting articles, they always seem to just pop up. When having conversations with people, really listen to what they are choosing to share with you. This will help you learn more about the people you meet, and the person you are by noticing the differences and similarities you find.


10. Be appreciative of important things.

I like to really appreciate the things I have the ability to do. I am appreciative of the things I have, but they don’t matter, and they won’t be remembered when I die. I appreciate the ability I have to be active, the ability I have to eat good food, the ability to drink clean water, and even the ability to wake up healthy everyday.

I encourage everyone to start practicing the habits they know they should be doing, but have never kept up with! No one is perfect by any means, so push yourself to work on the things you know you should!

Just some soup for the soul and amazing pictures taken by Ari Mitsos (@amitsosphotography) 🙂








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