Cheap Date Night: Watching the Sunset



I hate spending all my money on food. I would much rather spend it on clothes and more fun things. Luckily, my boyfriend feels the exact same way!! We love saving money any way we can so that we can put our money towards doing things other than going out to eat, like shopping for each other, going to the movies, concerts, or filling up our gas tanks lol.

We decided to venture off to a great spot to watch the sunset where we live. We had dinner at his house with his family and then went to my house where my mom already had cookies made! We grabbed some coffee to go with the cookies, blankets, pillows, and drove up the street 5 minutes.

Every city has a great lookout spot, you just have to find it. Our lookout spot happens to be the mountains which are literally just a few streets up from both of our houses.

We played music from his car and waited around for the sun to set. I of course ate almost all the cookies and Alec had 1 (why am I like this???).

It was a fun date and good way to get away from the house/Netflix, while just appreciating each other’s company. We also spent zero dollars on this date by eating food at home! I’m thinking of making “Cheap Date Nights” a series of blogs to give everyone more options of inexpensive things to do. 🙂





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