Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What We got! (so far)

So you guys may just think that I enjoy fashion and clothes, but I actually have a shopping problem. I literally jump at any offer to go shopping (grocery, furniture, clothes, and don’t even get me started on Target). Naturally when my boyfriend told me he and his mom were going to the Nordstrom Early Access Sale, I cleared my entire day to tag along, even though I had already gone a week before. I wanted to share the items I picked up as well as my bf Alec. I pretty much pick out most of his clothes, and if I don’t he makes sure to get my approval before he buys whatever it is, so basically his style is my style lol!

If you don’t believe I have a shopping problem, the picture above is 4 hours after we first got to the mall, and I am still as energized as when we walked in, while Alec looks ready for a nap.

Alec’s Picks:


  • Topman Griffin Denim Jacket
  • $49.90 Sale Price // $75.00 Original Price


  • Topman Washed Denim Shirt
  • $35.90 Sale Price // $55.00 Original Price
  • Sperry Flex Deck Sneaker
  • $49.90 Sale Price // $74.95 Original Price

**Alec kept wandering out of the sale sections, so these are the only items he got that were actually part of the Anniversary sale!

My Picks:

  • BP Striped Jumpsuit
  • **Wasn’t exactly on sale but was in the section with the rest of the sale items, anyways it was $42 lol
  • Socialite Plunging Lace Romper
  • $49.90 Sale Price // $75.00 Original Price


  • Brixton Fiddler Faux Suede Cap
  • Sale Price $31.90 // Original Price $48.00
  • Love, Fire Floral Embroidered Ripped Denim Jacket
  • $45.90 Sale Price // $69.00 Original Price
  • **Huge shout out to my boyfriend’s mom for buying this for me when I couldn’t stop talking about it all day :’)

If you don’t have a Nordstrom card don’t worry because the Early Access Sale ends today, July 20th! Starting tomorrow, July 21st, the sale opens up to people who don’t have a Nordstrom card until August 6th! I suggest not giving up if you don’t find much after your first trip! Try driving out to Nordstrom stores in different areas, or look online! The markdowns on all these items were insane in my opinion! I’m so happy with all I got and can’t wait to wear them all!!!



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