Vegan For A Week?

Hey everyone!

Clearly by the title of this I have been vegan for the past week! Why? Well because why not?? I feel strongly about creating a diet for yourself that keeps your body feeling and looking good. I like to experiment with different eating styles and got to the point where I felt that I could eliminate all meat and dairy because I was almost never eating them. I wasn’t aiming to become vegan, but I don’t really enjoy eating meat other than chicken, and I am lactose intolerant making my intake of lactose not pleasurable lol. I did not add supplements to replace the nutrients in my diet that were missing, I relied solely on the food I was eating. I also exercised every day.

Here is a day-by-day breakdown of how I felt throughout the week:

Day 1: (Wednesday July 5th)

  • No difference from yesterday, probably still have some meat in my system.

Day 2: (Thursday July 6th)

  • Still feeling good!
  • Can’t seem to get full.

Day 3: (Friday July 7th)

  • Super hot day, felt good because my meals weren’t heavy in my body in the heat.
  • Went out to dinner and had to order an appetizer because of limited options. :/
  • Resulted in more snacking.

Day 4: (Saturday July 8th)

  • Long day of standing in the sun, felt very tired all day.
  • Found energy to go to the gym, but extremely tired and hungry after.

Day 5: (Sunday July 9th)

  • Hungry.
  • Headache.
  • Feelings of almost passing out.
  • Constantly eating but not feeling better
  • *****I feel bad but I actually had to cheat on this day because of how poorly I felt. I ate a piece of shredded chicken and a sushi roll with shrimp and instantly felt better.

Day 6: (Monday July 10th)

  • Bounced back and felt great!
  • Great gym workout.
  • Couldn’t get full though.

Day 7: (Tuesday July 11th)

  • Headache.
  • Tired.
  • Sluggish.
  • Head felt cloudy.



I really really thought I would have enjoyed being vegan, but throughout the week I consistently felt hungry, tired, and bloated. Besides not feeling my best, what I disliked the most about my diet was how many carbs I was eating to try and get a good amount of protein. The amount of beans and grains I consumed left me feeling bloated and usually unsatisfied after I ate. I personally would rather eat a piece of chicken than cups and cups of endless beans to get my protein, so I feel leaner and stay full longer. The amount of beans were also very hard on my stomach and would irritate it when digesting. I completely understand that a vegan diet works great for some people and I’m so happy it does, but I think my body thrives on lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies ALONG with lean proteins like chicken and fish. Going vegan made me realize that I pretty much just want to eat GOOD food. I want to know where my meat comes from (Free-Range?) as well as my produce (local, organic?). I will continue to leave dairy, red meat, and pork out of my diet as much as possible while still enjoying vegan dishes just because I like them! I did not enjoy how much I had to restrict myself when going out to eat, which made me realize that I don’t want deprive myself of fun foods because they’re okay to have every now and then. 🙂

I hope this inspires some of you to try new types of diets or made some of you realize that you are perfectly fine with your diets now!!

Here are some pretty meals I ate during the week…





2 thoughts on “Vegan For A Week?

  1. That’s awesome how you went vegan for a week! It’s also great to hear that your diet mainly consists of fruits and veggies Sam. However, given that you mentioned feeling tired, bloated, hungry, and had headaches — these are all normal symptoms of when your body is transitioning to a plant based diet, totally normal (I had those symptoms too). Perhaps try increasing your meals that have tons of fiber (don’t worry about protein). If you feel bored of the occasional dishes containing beans, rice, lettuce, etc. try exploring other vegan meals like pancakes, vegan sushi, vegan chicken, smoothies with yummy toppings, oatmeal. There are also vegan restaurants everywhere (maybe you already knew that lol). There are tons and tons of recipes on YouTube, google, and social media — I have a vegan account on Instagram 😉 Now in regards to protein, it’s not necessary to depend on animal protein given that ALL PLANTS have protein (where do you think the animals get their protein?) Animal protein also has it’s role in animal slaughter (doesn’t matter if it is organic, free range, or grass fed — common lie that the meat industry gives) as the animals life is still treated inhumanly and killed the exact same way. is a very reliable source discussing the science behind a plant based diet and just how bad animal products are. I also strongly recommend the new documentary “What the Health” available on Netflix! It will change your perspective of things 360 degrees! Love your blog, look forward to reading new ones! ❤ I have been vegan for 1 year and 3 months now.

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