Farmer’s Market Fun


FullSizeRender 2As a college student with a very limited amounts of money…(little to none)… I love cheap stuff!! I also love to eat healthy. My best friend and I are constantly trying to find a way to dodge the high priced groceries (5 dollar soy coffee creamer????) especially with produce, considering you have to eat it quickly before it goes bad. One of the most frustrating things about eating fresh produce is paying for overpriced avocados from grocery stores and going home to find that they taste like well…crap.  We recently became obsessed with going to one of our local Farmer’s Markets just for something to do, but when we actually started buying produce there, it was 100% worth our money. The thing is, I never spend more than $15, and after this trip I only spent $8.50!! So what more could you ask for? Something to do, AND something to eat all under 15 bucks? I’m in.


VSCO Cam-1-1
Me when Ellie tells me I don’t need to buy the flowers just pose with them.
Ellie picking out her kale.
All the produce I bought. Kale $2.50, Corn $0.75, Nectarines $3.00, Green beans $2.25
Dinner Ellie and I made with some of the produce we bought at the farmer’s market. Roasted kale, sweet potatoes, corn, tomato, and kidney bean hummus all thrown together to make a healthy bowl!



4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Fun

  1. Like the blog idea Sam. But as your old English teacher–grammar please! Girls’ day and not girls day! Ha! Ha! Keep it coming! Writing is good for the soul.

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