Hey it’s me

Hello everyone, here I am writing my first blog I know this must be as exciting for you as it is for me. I’ve decided to put my creative energy into something good…


Anyways, this summer I moved back home from my school in San Marcos and unfortunately my hometown is not as exciting as the college dorms so I figured I should find something to occupy my time. Fine I’ll say it…I got a job. I actually love it though. I’m a full-time babysitter for a nearby family as well as some freelance jobs (babysitting on my weekend nights when parents decide to go out). After a few weeks of my new summer routine which consisted of dropping the kids off at school, going to the gym to meet my bff for barre class, going out to have a healthy and organic lunch, picking up the kids, and hitting the best farmer’s markets on the weekends, I realized I was living the life of a 35 year old mom and all that was missing was a blog. So here I am.

When I was first deciding what I was even going to make this blog about I realized I am interested in way too many things, but I figured that’s perfect because my blog will be about everything. I love being thrifty, but I also like expensive things. I love eating healthy, but for some reason I also still love Pop-Tarts. I love being active, but I also can binge watch Netflix like nobody’s business. So I guess we’ll just see what my flavor of the week is…or maybe twice a week, who knows.

I’m excited to see where this goes…



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